Stay safe, take care.


What is ArtwizzCare?

The corona crisis of 2020 has put a stop to us all seeing our friends and left us all whiling away the hours at home. Out of nowhere, a microscopic virus has taken over our lives. Just like you, everyone at Artwizz has been affected: we’re all working from home and keeping in touch virtually. And, of course, we’ve all been talking about the same things you’ve been talking about. Such as the fact that personal protective equipment (PPE) is becoming scarce. As we’ve all seen, breathing masks are being sold at exorbitant prices on the internet and, particularly in Spain, more and more nurses and doctors are becoming infected. Like so many others, these reports have been occupying our thoughts day in, day out. So we thought about what we could do to help and came up with a great idea. We decided to support institutions such as nursing homes, emergency services, doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies and private households – by making our own protective equipment. In doing so, we set ourselves one strict condition: Our protective equipment should be available at fair prices so that supplies get where they are needed most, both during the corona crisis and afterwards.

Who is behind the ArtwizzCare brand?

ArtwizzCare is the new healthcare equipment brand from Artwizz GmbH. We are a young, highly motivated team from Berlin and have been creating mobile accessories to fall in love with for smartphones, notebooks, tablets and smartwatches for more than 15 years. You might wonder how we are able to manufacture technology and healthcare protective products at the same time. Well, we are using our long-standing business contacts and their expertise, have an immensely high quality standard and are very aware of our unique responsibilities, especially when it comes to health.

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