Disposable face masks for mouth and nose (Children)

Item number 0840-3073

  • tested in Germany

  • metal nose bridge

  • internal filter manufactured by meltblown process

  • water-resistant exterior

  • kind on the skin, free of latex and glass fibers

  • not sterile, not medical, use until April 2022

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Pathogens are invisible. We are exposed to them almost everywhere we go without ever noticing. It’s impossible to say with certainty where you caught your last cold or flu. Regular hand washing and coughing or sneezing into the crook of your elbow are without a doubt important preventive measures. But additional help is at hand: the so-called Filtering Face Piece, a face mask that protects your mouth and nose. Throughout the 2020 corona crisis, virologists and doctors confirmed that private individuals could benefit from face masks, not just medical staff. We will explain how a Filtering Face Piece works and how you too can take advantage of the protection offered by ArtwizzCare disposable masks.

ArtwizzCare masks in test

ArtwizzCare face masks have been tested in Germany according to the latest European standards for non-medical masks. Our masks achieved above-average results in comparison to other disposable masks. For example, they scored highly for their combination of efficient filter performance and overall breathability. The tests applied the following standards:

  • CWA 17533:2020 (E)
    Community face coverings -
    Guide to minimum requirements, methods of testing and use
  • DIN EN 14683:2019-10
    Medical face masks – Requirements and test methods; German version of EN 14683:2019+AC:2019
  • DIN EN 13274-7:2019-09
    Part 7: Procedure for the determination of particle filter penetration for respiratory protective devices; German version of EN 13724-7:2019"

Disposable, 3-ply blue fleece face masks

The ArtwizzCare disposable mask is a blue, three-layer fleece that covers your chin, mouth and nose. The mask’s top layer is waterproof, to prevent droplets from penetrating the mask. The bottom layer is especially kind on the skin to guarantee maximum comfort. The mask must fit snugly against the face through the two lateral earloops for optimum protection. For a perfect fit, special measurements are therefore required for smaller children's heads. Instead of the standard dimensions of our adult masks (170 x 90 mm), the children's masks are adapted to the smaller faces (145 x 90 mm).

  1. skin-friendly fleece
  2. internal filter manufactured by meltblown process
  3. water-resistant exterior blue fleece layer

Metal nose bridge for optimum stability

Because many disposable masks only have a plastic nose bridge, they are difficult to put on and don’t always stay in place. Thankfully, ArtwizzCare MNS masks are equipped with metal nose bridges that can be easily bent into the perfect shape so they remain stable, right where you want them. The metal bridge also ensures that our disposable masks always fit snuggly, providing you and the people around you with the best possible protection.

The best way to put on / take off the mask

How you put on and take off the disposable mask for yourself or the child is essential. If you don’t follow the steps below, you risk compromising the level of protection the mask provides. One of the most common mistakes people make when using a disposable mask is that they don’t fit it tightly enough. A loose-fitting mask might look relaxed and cool, but it won’t provide adequate protection because germs and other particles will be able to pass through the spaces between your mask and your face. Getting it right requires almost no effort.

There are just a couple quick steps to put on the mask correctly:

Wash your hands with soap and water. Get your mask ready: the pleats need to be on the outside and facing down.

Place the face mask over you nose, mouth and chin and attach the earloops over your ears.

Make sure the mask is as close and snug to your face as possible and the earloops are secure and pushed back well behind your ears.

Gently tug at the top and bottom of the mask to make sure it completely covers your nose, mouth and chin.

You also need to follow a couple easy steps when you take off your mask:

Wash your hands with soap and water first. Do not pull it off from the front right away.

Loosen the mask by unhooking the earloops from behind your ears and pull it off by the loops.

Put the mask into a closable plastic bag.

Dispose of the plastic bag with the mask in a refuse container with a lid. Wash your hands again.

How to behave when you are wearing a mask

Even while wearing a disposable mask, you should keep a few tips in mind and of course pass them on to the child wearing it. For example, don’t touch your face too often, even with the mask on. If you are wearing your mask for an extended period of time, it may become slightly uncomfortable after a while and you may feel the need to tweak it. Please try not to do this too often, because every time you tug on the mask, you could leave germs at the edge of the mask or on your skin.

If you need to use disposable masks over an extended period of time, you should also remember to change them at regular intervals. Although the outer layer is waterproof, it can still become wet over a longer period of time. This could result in a significant reduction in protection. Therefore, you should change the mask every two hours or less. You should change masks more frequently if you are exposed to an excessive number of coughing and sneezing attacks or if you work in a warm and humid climate.

And there’s one final point to bear in mind when you are wearing a disposable mask: no mask replaces good general hygiene. You still need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and follow coughing and sneezing etiquette in order to protect yourself and the people around you.

How to store your disposable masks

Disposable masks can be sensitive to environmental conditions. That means you’ll need to pay attention to how and where you store your masks. Ideally, you should store your masks in a ventilated room with humidity of below 80 percent. And you’ll need to make sure you keep the masks away from corrosive gases, such as hydrogen sulphide. Direct sunlight and heat can also damage the disposable masks, just like they do with other sensitive materials.

Why it is so important to wear disposable face masks

Above all, a Filtering Face Piece protects the people around you. Without a mask, whenever you sneeze, cough or speak, you create tiny airborne droplets. If someone is standing close to you, they can become infected via the respiratory tract.

Now you might ask yourself, “Why should I wear a mask if it only protects other people? What about me?” This is exactly why experts have called for everyone to wear face masks. After all, if everyone wears a mask to cover their mouths and noses, airborne droplet infections would be cut to an absolute minimum. And most experts agree: even if disposable masks primarily protect other people, it’s better to wear a disposable mask than it is to go unprotected. You’ve probably already heard about the study in an American medical journal: Two groups of nursing staff were given different masks. One group received disposable face masks and the other was given more expensive, N95 masks. The result: In both groups, approximately the same number of nurses contracted influenza.

There is another major advantage of wearing face masks. They help you shake the bad habit of touching your face. Do you have any idea how often you touch your face? We can tell you: About three times per hour – according to a study from the National Institute of Health. And every time you touch your face, you could unwittingly be transferring germs, for example from subway platforms, computer keyboards or doorknobs, to your body. This is called smear infection: an infected person might sneeze or cough into their hands and then transfer germs from the palms of their hands to other objects, where the pathogens survive for a certain period of time. If you happen to touch one of these surfaces and then touch your face, you can easily become infected. However, if you are wearing a disposable mask, it will prevent you from unconsciously touching your mouth and nose.

Why ArtwizzCare

Like many other companies, the 2020 corona crisis has pushed our company, Artwizz GmbH, to be even more creative, innovative and inventive than ever before. Working remotely, our team has been making the most of its long-standing business relationships to support a host of institutions, including nursing homes, doctors’ surgeries and many more besides. What is the essence of ArtwizzCare? High quality and fair prices. After all, that’s the only combination that will guarantee the right levels of care and protection are maintained over the medium to long term. Not only during the current corona crisis, but afterwards too.