50 Disposable Masks + 2 sleeves

Item number 0741-3063_9338-1700_8201-1588

  • practical set of 50 disposable masks and two protective pouches

  • disposable masks can reduce the spread of infectious droplets from coughing, sneezing and speaking

  • two protective pouches to store and transport your new and used disposable masks

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Be honest: If you’re like us, you probably put your disposable face mask on just before you enter a shop or get on the bus. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with covering your face as and when you need to. But lots of people don’t seem to know what to do with their disposable masks when they come out of the supermarket or get off the bus. From what we’ve seen, most people seem to stuff their masks into their trouser pocket, jacket pocket or handbag. However, disposable masks can quickly get dirty. Even worse, they might contaminate your clothes or bag. The new ArtwizzCare set, which contains 50 disposable masks and two protective pouches, is the solution you’ve been looking for. Now you can take a disposable mask with you everywhere you go and store a new mask in one pouch and used masks in the other.

Disposable masks made of skin-friendly, non-woven fleece

In this practical set, you get 50 ArtwizzCare disposable masks. With three layers of blue non-woven fleece, these masks create a barrier that can help trap infectious droplets expelled when you speak, cough or sneeze. The mask’s outer layer is waterproof, the middle filter is made using melt-blown technology, and the interior fleece layer is incredibly kind on the skin. Artwizz disposable masks measure 170mm x 90mm and safely cover your chin, mouth and nose. Two practical ear loops ensure a comfortable fit at all times and make the masks incredibly easy to put on and tale off.

Two protective pouches for when you’re on the go

Thanks to Artwizz, whenever you leave your house you’ll have clean, disposable masks with you. You can easily store your clean masks in one of our protective pouches. Simply take one out as soon as you enter a store and, when you leave, stow your used mask in the second pouch. With two handy pouches, you can make sure that your clean disposable masks never come into contact with used masks. A practical zipper ensures that you always have the disposable masks within easy reach and your used masks stowed safely away again.

With rounded corners and a pleasant neoprene surface, the protective pouches also look great and fit perfectly into any handbag. What’s more, you can mix and match your pouches from an exciting range of colors. How about Mint and Berry, Navy and Silver or Gold and Titanium? By choosing pouches in two different colors, it’s even easier for you to keep your new and used masks apart.

You might think that our protective pouches look familiar. And you’d be right, because we originally designed our disposable face mask pouches as cable sleeves for storing cables, adapters and chargers. Of course, you can still use them for storing other things. However you use them, we hope you’ll agree: they do make incredibly practical face mask pouches.

Why ArtwizzCare

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has created unexpected challenges for lots of companies. Including Artwizz GmbH. The inspiration for our new brand, ArtwizzCare, came to us while we were working from home. We decided to make the most of the good business relationships we have developed over the years. With the birth of ArtwizzCare, we were able to start supplying doctors' surgeries, nursing homes and other care facilities with the protective equipment they so urgently needed in spring 2020. As with all of our products, ArtwizzCare remains true to our guiding philosophy: creating the highest quality products at the fairest prices.