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  • Family Set of disposable masks for adults and children plus sanitizer

  • Adult Set of disposable masks plus sanitizer

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The corona crisis is causing a spike in demand for disposable masks, sanitizers and the like. Masks have suddenly become an increasingly familiar feature of everyday life and appropriate disinfection has long become part of our daily routine, and not only in hospitals. Now, thanks to the ArtwizzCare bundles, you can easily make sure you are well equipped with all the products you need. Order one of our sets and we’ll send you a package tailored to your personal needs. If you need products for you and your family, then you can’t go wrong with one of our Family Sets. Or maybe you are looking to take care of yourself and/or another adult? Then our Adult Sets are the right choice.

Disposable masks for adults and children

Our ArtwizzCare disposable face masks are made of three-ply blue fleece. The practical ear loops allow you to put them on and take them off quickly, for example, when you are using public transport or going shopping. The disposable masks are not intended for medical use. Nevertheless, they help to trap infectious droplets when you talk, sneeze or cough. The ArtwizzCare disposable masks are available in two sizes, one for adults, the other for children. Because children’s heads are smaller and have less distance between face and ears, it is important that their masks fit perfectly. That’s why our disposable children’s masks are smaller (145 x 90 mm instead of 170 x 90 mm for adults).

Hand sanitizer in two practical sizes

ArtwizzCare Hand Sanitizer is produced in Germany. It has limited virucidal efficacy and thus eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and yeast fungi. And above all: it also eliminates the SARS-CoV-2 virus. So you can disinfect your hands quickly and easily at work or on the go – without any need for water. You can choose between two sizes: The handy, 20-ml Pocket Spray is the size of a credit card and is ideal for on the go. The 100-ml glass bottle with spray nozzle is multifunctional, no matter whether you are on the road, at home or at work.

What’s in each set?

You can choose from four different sets: Family S, Family L, Adult S and Adult L. As the names suggest, the Family sets are designed for families or households with several people. Whereas the Adult sets offer the optimal number of adult-sized masks for a few weeks. The following table shows you exactly what’s in each set.

Family Set S

1x 50 Disposable face masks (adults)

1 x 8 Disposable face masks (kids)

1 x 20ml Hand sanitizer pocket spray

Family Set L

1x 50 Disposable face masks (adults)

3 x 8 Disposable face masks (kids)

2 x 8 Disposable face masks (adults)

2 x 20 ml Hand sanitizer pocket spray

1x 100ml Hand sanitizer bottle spray

Adult Set S

1x 50 Disposable face masks (adults)

1x 100ml Hand sanitizer bottle spray

Adult Set L

1x 50 Disposable face masks (adults)

2 x 8 Disposable face masks (adults)

1 x 20 ml Hand sanitizer pocket spray

1x 100ml Hand sanitizer bottle spray

Why ArtwizzCare

ArtwizzCare was founded in the middle of the corona crisis 2020 while we were working from home. We decided to make the most of the good business relationships we have developed over the years to start supplying doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes and other care facilities with the protective equipment they so urgently needed. As with all of our products, ArtwizzCare remains true to our guiding philosophy: creating the highest quality products at the fairest prices.