Seek Thermal

Seek Scan - Temperature screening system for persons

Item number SK1014ZZ

  • combination of digital and thermal imaging camera

  • automated and contactless measurement of skin temperature in seconds

  • quick results and alert when the customizable alarm temperature is exceeded

  • easy to set up

  • tripods are not included

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Seek Scan is a system for automatically delivering accurate skin temperature measurements. It combines digital and thermal imaging cameras and is therefore able to automatically detect faces and measure their skin temperatures.

Precise temperature measurement

The Seek Scan system uses a fixed heat source as a reference to measure skin temperature. The system compares the known temperature of the heat source with the facial temperature and calculates an estimated body temperature from the heat difference. The Seek Scan ensures maximum accuracy with a margin of error of no more than ±0.3°C between 36° and 40°C.

Alert when it counts

The Seek Scan software immediately evaluates the result of the measurement and provides a visual and audible alert if someone is warmer (or cooler) than a predefined alarm temperature. And with each scan taking just a few seconds, reliable results are quickly available. 

The system stores a photo and a thermal image of the scanned face. Optionally, this can also be deactivated where data protection regulations do not permit such data to be stored.

Seek Scan in use

When used in lobbies, hallways and key access points of airports, public facilities, businesses or other venues, the Seek Scan system can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. When Seek Scan detects someone with an elevated skin temperature, which can be caused by fever, known to be a major symptom of Covid-19, the system issues a warning message. Temperatures are measured without any contact, thereby maintaining social distancing at all times.