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Non-medical grade face masks

Item number BMNS-MG1

  • blue fleece nose and mouth masks

  • with water-repellant and filtering properties

  • single use (max. 12 hours)

  • with earloops

  • with nose bridge insert for a closer fit

  • non-medical grade, not certified for use as PPE

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Our non-medical grade face masks cover your nose and mouth and can be worn while shopping, on public transport and in other settings where face coverings are required or desired. The masks are not medically certified, but they do, for example, slow the speed of your airflow when you exhale. And when you speak, cough or sneeze, they reduce the volume and speed of droplets you emit.

This offers an increased level of protection for the people around you, who will be less likely to be exposed to such infectious particles. Wearing a non-medical grade ask, however, does not offer any enhanced protection to you as the wearer. Even though the masks do not offer medical grade protection, these mouth and nose coverings are produced to high standards and undergo frequent quality controls.

You play a decisive role

There is another key advantage to wearing our non-medical grade mouth and nose coverings: Whenever you wear a mask, you are more conscious of staying safe and maintaining a distance when you come into contact with other people. No matter what type of mouth and nose covering, disposable or non-medical grade mask you choose to wear, you still need to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly and keep a safe distance from other people.

There are just a couple quick steps to put on the mask correctly:

Wash your hands with soap and water. Get your mask ready: the pleats need to be on the outside and facing down.

Place the face mask over you nose, mouth and chin and attach the earloops over your ears.

Make sure the mask is as close and snug to your face as possible and the earloops are secure and pushed back well behind your ears.

Gently tug at the top and bottom of the mask to make sure it completely covers your nose, mouth and chin.

You also need to follow a couple easy steps when you take off your mask:

Wash your hands with soap and water first. Do not pull it off from the front right away.

Loosen the mask by unhooking the earloops from behind your ears and pull it off by the loops.

Put the mask into a closable plastic bag.

Dispose of the plastic bag with the mask in a refuse container with a lid. Wash your hands again.