FFP2 Disposable masks (PPE)

Item number 0164-3268_10

  • foldable particulate filter respirator mask

  • individually packaged

  • high-efficiency filtration

  • easy breathing

  • comfortable to wear

  • disposable

  • personal protective equipment according to European standards: EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009

  • certificate no.: CE 730303

  • pharmaceutical registration number: 16865038

  • not for medical use, shelf-life of at least two years

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FFP2 masks offer reliable, two-way protection against Covid-19. While basic cloth and surgical masks are largely designed to protect the people around you from the aerosols you release when you speak, cough or sneeze, FFP2 masks also protect you from catching Covid-19 from someone else.

Highly efficient filter

Each of our FFP2 disposable masks is equipped with an integrated, electrostatically-charged fabric filters that removes at least 94% of even the smallest pollutants and aerosols from your inhaled and exhaled air. This protects you and the people around you more effectively than ever before from Covid-19.

Easy to breathe in and out

The FFP2 mask’s ergonomic design ensures a snug fit with your face, minimizing any gaps so that no particulates get past the filter into the air you are breathing. At the same time, the contour around the mouth and nose keeps the mask far enough away to allow you to breath in and out as comfortably as possible, and with as little resistance as possible.

Here are some tips for wearing your FFP2 mask correctly:

  • Take out the mask and open both sides
  • Place the mask over the lower half of your face with the adjustable nose bridge over your nose and attach the loops over your ears.
  • Press down on both sides of the nose bridge until it matches the contours of your nose.
  • Check the fit. Put both hands over the mask and exhale forcefully. If air flows around your nose, press the strap tighter.

Mask mates for an even tighter fit

Each pack of 20 FFP2 masks also comes with 6 mask mates. These allow you to wear the disposable masks even tighter if they are too loose on you. Simply put the mask mate through one of the straps and connect it to the second strap behind your head. The tighter fit will ensure that no air gets past the mask as you breathe in or out.